Tedequim Completes In Company Program and Exports to Eight Countries

  • The SME has a long-standing history in the local market and is renowned for the quality and excellence of its dental products.
  • It has completed 12 months of training under ProCórdoba Agency's In Company program, whereby it developed devices and processes that have led to its internationalization.
  • At present, it exports products to Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Viet Nam, India and the Philippines, among others.

Tedequim is a company from Córdoba that has been manufacturing and selling medical devices for the dentistry community since 1987. With a consolidated presence in the local market and a vision of global expansion, the company took the opportunity to use the export development services of ProCórdoba Agency.

Thus, the company completed the 12-month In Company program. This enabled it to incorporate new tools and processes that have allowed it both to strengthen its position already-reached international markets and to explore new opportunities.

According to the company's authorities, they were able to place as a model of product quality and excellence as a result of research studies and concerted work with local and international universities. Further, in 2023 they began to participate in different programs of ProCórdoba Agency with the aim of internationalizing the company.

Marcela Bustos, the Foreign Trade consultant who counseled Tedequim under the In Company program, said, "During these 12 months we were able to strengthen the company's presence in India and the Philippines. We also grew a lot in Chile and we are working to strengthen the US market."

The firm's products are also sold in Bolivia, Paraguay, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Viet Nam, among others.

On the other hand, Florencia Arguello, the firm's Head of Communications, said, "We also used tools from the FExIC program, with which we were able to pursue plans for strengthening our institutional image in the international landscape. The In Company program allowed us to get up to speed and better organize and train ourselves to advance the internationalization process. Also, thanks to ProCórdoba's support, we will be attending fairs in Chile and Colombia."

The In Company Program

This program is aimed at both goods and services companies. It involves the support of an expert in foreign trade and various tools to improve export capacity, as well as financial support.

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